Navigating with a
Gospel Thread
in the Digital Labyrinth

We are living in one of the the most intense spiritual battles in human history. This book addresses, the reality, our responsibility, and the redemption opportunity in the digital labyrinth.

The Statistics

"Technology is in many ways incredibly good and helpful to help us live productive lives filled with community, entertainment, and information. However, this is under the assumption that both the architects and end-users of these technologies have mostly moral, ethical, and goodwill in their motives."
(A Gospel Thread in the Digital Labyrinth, p. 14)

The Gospel Thread: 

The Reality, Our Responsibility, and the Redemption Opportunity

Never before in human history have we been so dependent, influenced, and empowered by anything like technology in the 21st century. It’s no coincidence that the rapid advancement of technology in the past 20 years has led us to the current disorienting digital reality of unrest, anxiety, violence, division, distraction, and distrust.

This resource aims to provide a simple tool called the Gospel Thread to help Christians navigate the Digital Labyrinth.
How should Christians navigate the digital landscape?
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